aye lil mama wassup♡

fifth harmony may be dumb but they're my kind of dumb


Okay this is really messing with me


A calm and paceful meadow, just as sunny as Ally.

The warmth of a beach is as close as the earth gets to Camila’s soul.

Forests cherish as much as life as Dinah’s heart.

Deserts can be fierce, but also charming, just like Normani.

The city lights at night shine as bright as Lauren’s eyes.

this is cool and creepy at the same time

I don’t know about the free stylin’ but my beat boxing was definitely on point.

friendship (noun)

companionship; a friendly relation or intimacy


Track Title: All About That Bass (No treble edit)

Artist: Meghan Trainor



no treble

this makes me feel like I’m in the back of a club about to get murdered I LOVE it